A Beautifully Complex Debut on Life Elsewhere

The demure young woman sitting opposite me gives no clue that she is the author of the most beautifully complex and engrossing book I’ve read in ages. Her darkly comedic interconnected stories follow Elena Rubik, her best friend Jules Valentine, and wannabe investigative reporter April Kuan, as a viral marketing scheme’s motivations become a cause… Read more »

UPDATE: Before she was in trouble for racism: In 2012 presidential candidate Roseanne Barr answered calls from Tampa Bay listeners

Update from May 30, 2018 – On October 31, 2012 WMNF’s Seán Kinane interviewed presidential candidate Roseanne Barr days before the election. Barr has been in the news this last week of May, 2018, after her latest series of racist tweets got her rebooted show canceled by ABC. Here’s a transcript of the 2012 conversation… Read more »

Women In Politics & A New Beguiling Voice on Life Elsewhere

While yet another major celebrity is accused of sexual misconduct, the President’s alleged scandalous peccadilloes although continually in the news have so far not impeded his standing. This leads to the question why politicians (of all parties) enable such a misogynistic climate. Our conversation with Lucia Graves from last year provides some answers to an unsettling… Read more »

Women’s Show 3/1 The NRA Battles On

The NRA battles on, taking on all comers including Business SEO – articulate grieving students, parents, doctors, educators, probably even the family dogs.  And the NRA has spoken – let there be school marshals, arm the teachers! Definitely the answer  to a problem with guns is more guns.  What is wrong with us?  We have… Read more »

Women’s Show 2/15 Winter Fund Drive and Medea Benjamin on Recent Trip to Palestine and Updates from Florida Legislature

If you have not contributed to this campaign, please make your donation tomorrow! Thanks to all who contributed to WMNF during this Winter Fund Drive – especially those who donated during From a Woman’s Point of View.  You hear from us every week bringing you information, guests, critical topics.  From a Woman’s Point of View… Read more »

Women’s Show 2/8 Winter Fund Drive – YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE. Clips from some of your Favorite Guests

Tomorrow we need to hear from you! You hear from us every week bringing you information, guests, critical topics.  From a Woman’s Point of View is a unique show.  It is the only program in the Southeast that is by and about women.  I would hope that you noticed that I did not say women’s… Read more »