Chicken Fun Forum on the Sustainable Living program

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On Monday’s WMNF 88.5 FM Sustainable Living Program we talked about chickens and other topics related to Earth friendly living.  Our guests were two local chicken farmers, Travis Malloy with Trail Bale Farm and Tim Clarkson with Grove Ladder Farm. Also, Nermina Krneta, a Pinellas County urban homesteader, joined our Chicken Fun Forum.  It was a great show with a lot of questions answered, such as where to buy chickens, what they eat, how much room they need, how to take vacations and leave your chickens at home, summer heat stress, misleading advertising about ‘free range’, etc. Also, Travis talked about his new downtown Tampa farm project starting this year, and how to educate ourselves to be more Earth friendly!

Jon Butts, Travis Malloy ,Nermina Krneta

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