Chronic illness, the current state of psychiatry, natural sweeteners and more!

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In this episode, Dr. Harvey challenges the current medical model and offers alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry’s symptom-focused approach. With his guests, Dr. Harvey explores the dangers of the industrial food chain and offers suggestions for healthier, more sustainable ways to eat. He also critiques the current state of psychiatry and encourages listeners to explore alternative treatments for mood disorders. Dr. Harvey is an engaging and knowledgeable host who offers practical advice for improving overall well-being.

[00:00:00] Ask Me Anything Monday: Medical Q&A and IFM Conference Recap
[00:04:13] The Sackler Foundation’s Approach to Chronic Illness
[00:08:53] Functional Medicine for Dementia and Earth’s Living Cell
[00:13:08] Plant-forward diet and animal protein benefits
[00:17:12] The problems with the industrial food chain
[00:20:35] Sustaining the economy and combating capitalism
[00:24:14] Personal Health and Sleep Apnea Diagnosis
[00:28:33] Parasites & Alzheimer’s Disease
[00:32:51] Alternative Modalities for Pain Relief and Posture Improvement
[00:37:00] Hormone replacement therapy and plant phytochemicals
[00:41:13] Depression Treatment Criticisms
[00:44:43] Improving mood and function with functional medicine
[00:48:17] Importance of Mixed Vitamin E and Functional Medicine
[00:52:01] Functional Medicine and Natural Sweeteners