Climate Change, Renewable Energy, & Plans for Action on the Sustainable Living Show

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we talked about climate change, renewable energy, and plans for action.

The St Petersburg Area League of Women Voters is hosting an upcoming Sustainability Summit that will be addressing these issues.

Joining us were two members of the League of Woman Voters Sustainability Action Team, Lisa Vanover and Claire Karas. Also joining the discussion were two members of the Sierra Club; James Scott, a member of the Suncoast Sierra Executive Committee, and member Emily Gorman.

Solar co-ops are really taking off in Florida, according our guests, and in southeast Florida local municipalities are taking climate change seriously. Although the City of St Petersburg is trying to address their waste-water problems it sounds like all of the Tampa Bay Area needs to address these issues. Climate change and sea level rise are real and these problems will be addressed one way or another!