Compassionate Communication on the Sustainable Living show

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Today on the Sustainable Living Program we spent the hour talking about communication skills.

Our guests were Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and Andrew Rock, a member of the Florida Center for Mindfulness.

Andrew’s also the co-founder of the Tampa Bay Climate Action Network and last week had a letter published in the Tampa Bay Times about the Paris Climate Accord and the possibilities for a Green Economy. Stephanie’s a graduate of the “Parent Peer Leadership Program”. You can find out more information on her website.

The show focused on Marshall Rosenburg’s Book “Non-Violent Communication” (NVC) and the basic principles that Mr. Rosenberg learned throughout his life.

On the last show our guest talked about the inability to bring people together to address issues that involve our environment and it’s a repeated problem facing those of us who really care about these enormous problems facing humanity. How can a person communicate to others over the giant corporations enormous advertising budgets that sell ever expanding consumer products that continually deplete our resources and increase pressure on our world? Also during this holiday season I see a lot of sad, depressed people blaming themselves for all kinds of stuff and on today’s show we talked about the NVC approach to these issues.

Stephanie talked about how these communication skills work in just about every situation; with our children, others with no knowledge of NVC, and ourselves.

Andrew uses these same skills to communicate with others that don’t feel that climate change is real.