Compost Versus Waste on the Sustainable Living Program

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we had two guests talking about compost versus waste.

Joining us was Joseph Jenkins, author of the Humanure Handbook, that was first published in 1994 and today the 4th edition of the bestseller is being released. Joe has traveled the world teaching others to make gardens instead of sewage. Also, ‘Jungle Jay’ Hardman, a local permaculture designer and community activist joined the program.

Part of Florida’s increasing problems with Red Tide is caused by home septic systems and sewage spills from municipal treatment plants. Dry toilets and then the composting of our waste is really the only solution that is sustainable. We’re a ‘fecal phobic’ minded country and this show only had one call-in guest that was a long-time friend of the program. Still, Joe gave us the facts and science that points to only one solution.

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