Diapers to Death Greener Options, on the Sustainable Living Program

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On Monday’s WMNF “Diapers to Death” Sustainable Living Program we talked about greener options for the beginning of life to the end of life.


The guests on the first segment were Tanja Vicdovic, a sustainably focused mother of three, and Shannon Green, the owner of the Green Mommy Store in Tampa. Reusable diapers were the focus of the discussion and there was a lot to talk about. True, these were very sharp mothers that made the right choices and I’m sure there were a lot of moms listening that maybe feel bad that they didn’t understand the problems with disposable diapers. Hey, that’s how our capitalist consumption-based society works: “Buy this cheap, throw away product and smile”. Pause! We all sometimes fall for this–me too!


On part two of the program we featured greener options for after life.  Our guests were Laura Starkey, founder and Executive Director of Heartwood Preserve Conservation Cemetery, a natural cemetery and nature preserve located in Trinity, Florida; and Melissa Unfred, The Modern Mortician, a dual licensed funeral director and former embalmer undertaking greener death care in Texas (educating others about home funerals, natural burial, and aquamation). I like the idea of preserving nature and not a grave stone surrounded by St. Augustine Grass and plastic flowers!