Do Donald Trump’s policies flirt with the ideals of fascism?

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By Rob Lorei

Donald Trump is still leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, but those within his own party are beginning to call his platform “fascist”, a word that brings into mind the dictatorships of Germany and Italy  from the 1930’s until the end of World War II. Republicans like national security conservative Max Boot, Jeb Bush adviser John Noonan and Iowa radio host Steve Deace have been critical of Trump’s call to deport millions of undocumented Mexican immigrants, monitor Mosques and Muslim-Americans, and endorse torture techniques in interrogation.

Joining us today is  Henry A. Giroux, McMaster University Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest in the English and Cultural Studies Department and a Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Ryerson University. He recently wrote a piece for about the similarities of Trump’s positions with that of the totalitarian regimes of the mid 20 century.

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