Trump thrills thousands in Sarasota: Hundreds Protest

Donald Trump elephant

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On MidPoint we played part of Donald Trump’s speech from Saturday in Sarasota and took calls about the speech and the protests that greeted Trump.

In the speech Trump talks about how he’s leading all Republicans and leading Hillary Clinton, who he says should be in jail. He also spends time ripping Marco Rubio on immigration and Jeb Bush on Common Core education standards. He slams the media and especially the New York Times. That’s mostly in response to suggestions that he mocked a reporter there with a physical disability. The reporter retracted a story that is embraced by Trump that hundreds of Muslims celebrated in New Jersey during the 9/11 attacks. Politifact calls that story a lie. Trump also tells the crowd to ‘be nice’ to protesters who are removed from the rally.

Listen to the full show here:

Listen to Donald Trump’s full speech here: 

We also played a listener comment from last week’s show. That day we talked about the history of the Johns Committee, a Cold-War-era group that that cracked down on gay and lesbian state employees including professors at universities in Florida.