Electric & Hybrids Cars on The Sustainable Living Program

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On Monday’s WMNF Sustainable Living program our topic was Electric Vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrids.

Our guests were Dory Larson, Electric Vehicles Program Associate with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, where her work is to promote Electric Vehicle ownership; also Todd Thomson, the owner of Tampa Hybrids in Lutz, joined the program. Todd specializes in sales and maintenance of used Hybrids and EVs.

In his experience these cars run great for hundreds of thousands of miles and are almost maintenance free (mainly wiper blades, tires, cabin air filters that need replacing). Dory talked about the tax credits, charging stations, importance of clean energy cars, etc.

We did have a short segment with a friend, Nancy Dwyer, who just got back from fighting fires in California and told us about her experience. She just retired as a land manger with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which regularly prescribe burns to manage Florida native habitats. It was an informative account from a concerned ecologist about a very serious problem with little hope of a solution.

You can listen back to the program at the link above. Please tell a friend about Sustainable Living. There are a lot of people for whom this is an important topic and don’t know the show is on WMNF 88.5fm. Sustainable Living alternates with Alternative Health on Mondays, between 10-11am.