Eve Prang Plews, host of Alternative Health on WMNF, has died

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With sadness we are announcing that the host of our  Alternative Health and Nutrition program- Eve Prang Plews – died Saturday, 9/1/18. Eve has been offering sage advice to our listeners for more than a decade. In person Eve was bold, confident, outspoken, funny and opinionated. She was one of a kind- mixing thorough knowledge of medicine and alternative therapies.  

Here is a link to her obituary in the Herald Tribune

Before each of her shows we would sit together in my office discussing the latest medical news, the latest political outrage, food, the health of our planet and, inevitably, the bad drivers on I-75.  We always found something to laugh about and something to be outraged about. I can’t believe that Eve’s incredible spirit will no longer walk through my office door. She truly loved WMNF and it’s mission- to inform and enlighten.

A statement from her clinic & husband, Dennis:

Eve Prang Plews Remembrance by her Staff at Full Spectrum in Sarasota

Eve opened her nutrition clinic, Full Spectrum Health, in Sarasota 30 years ago to educate, empower and assist clients as part of their health care team.  Faced with personal health challenges at an early age, and a prognosis that would require ongoing drug therapies and surgeries, this “Million Dollar Baby” put on her fighting gloves and learned everything she could about her condition from western medicine and other healing modalities and traditions worldwide.

Once her own condition was significantly improved, she continued seeking answers – one question at a time – for others.  What went wrong?  What can be done about it? Can it be prevented in others? 

The fiery determination to dedicate the time and resources necessary to learn how to alleviate her own suffering and amend her own future continued to fuel her extensive commitment to stay on the forefront of cutting edge medical science and clinical research in order to alleviate suffering and improve the condition of her clients.

With heavy hearts we need to tell you that Eve died on Saturday, September first with her beloved husband at her side and her dearest friends present. 

We ask you to understand why you did not know. 

Eve chose to not talk about her condition because she had an insatiable, reverent appetite for life and refused to give any precious days or moments she had left to the topic of dying.

She did this valiantly – spending less than one month infirm and less than one week in the disability zone. 

Eve taught us to protect and preserve our health and quality of life that we may live fully and vibrantly until the day we die.  That’s what she taught.  That’s how she lived.  What an amazing example to us all.

Although the tremendous loss to all of us will be on going, we hope you will join us in celebrating Eve’s amazing life and service to all of us and to the community. 

Eve taught us how to preserve and protect our health and quality of life. She quoted her grandmother that “the goal is to live, live, live, then croak;” Not spend months and years in the disability zone.

Once again, she has demonstrated the strength and courage to live by her convictions and show us how it is done!  She accomplished the ultimate goal of health – to maintain a high-quality full life until the very day that life is over.

With gratitude, we celebrate Eve’s life, spirit and brilliance – she will be greatly missed.  If you would like to honor her with a donation to this station in remembrance of her, Eve’s wish is that you make a contribution on our website- http://www.WMNF.org. When you do please tell us what Eve meant to you.

We are open regular hours and Eve’s office is prepared for those of you who would like a private moment to say goodbye.  Testimonies and stories will be compiled and read at her memorial service which will be open to the public. A public Celebration of Eve’s life is scheduled for Friday, November 9th at 5pm at Selby Gardens in Sarasota.  (Her obituary was published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune from September 10th to Sept 11th, 2018).