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Voices of Tampa Bay activists, with hosts Heidi Ferrara, Jen Derless and Mabili Ogun.

An energetic mix of music for social change, protest rock, defiant punk, and conscious hip hop, plus updates and interviews with activists in the Tampa Bay area who are working to make our community stronger and healthier.

A fresh perspective on grassroots movements and artists using their talents for progressive change.

Every week will feature music relating to current events, social justice, and community building. Alternative Frequency… Peace, Love, Action!

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Caroline Fredrickson – Fixing Democracy
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In The Democracy Fix, the president of the American Constitution Society argues for progressives to focus on winning by learning from the Right that policy follows power, not the other way around. Caroline Fredrickson points to judicial elections, state power, election law and other policy areas that change the rules of the game.  Fredrickson shows how to regain power, expand the franchise, end voter suppression, win judicial elections, and fight for transparency and fairness in our political system.

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Nancy MacLean – Origins of Radical Right-Wing Power CD
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The history of the anti-government and anti-democratic politics that have transformed the U.S. in recent years is largely obscured from view. The radical right’s agenda includes: suppression of voting rights, privatization of everything from schools to Medicare to Social Security to public lands, elimination of unions and limiting majority rule. Core beliefs also include: there is no problem tax cuts won’t solve and that the best kind of regulation is no regulation. Let industry decide. And the intellectual godfather of this extreme right-wing thinking? Someone you’ve probably never heard of. James McGill Buchanan, a Nobel Prize-winning economist. And the money to promote his ideas comes mostly from billionaire Charles Koch. These ideological positions have moved from beyond the fringe to where they are openly discussed and legislation is proposed. If these forces get their way democracy will be in chains.

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