Cosmic Slop

Event Hours(1)

  • Wednesday

    10:00 pm - 12:00 am

    Ben Herring

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Cosmic Slop, hosted by Ben Herring,  will be a weekly journey through all things Cosmic and all things slop! …..bridging the vibe from the strange and beautiful music of Step Outside to the heavy metal disco train that is Body Rock. Expect psychedelic excursions, jazz flourishes, sweaty dance floor burners, soul stompers, searing punk rock, massive funk and all things in between. No sounds are out of bounds on Cosmic Slop!

Hosted By...

Ben Herring  

Ben is a lifelong music fan with an ever evolving palette for his Free Form approach. He developed his radio chops at a LPFM in Asheville, NC where he learned on-air fundraising is a surmountable challenge even with low power.