Euro.Radio Podcast

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  • Wednesday

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Paco Morales

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As the host of Euro.Radio, Paco plays music from Albania to Wales, from Scandinavia to Spain and Portugal, focusing on regional languages, traditions and history. From more common styles such as Folk, Pop and Rock to new musical expressions like Neo-Fado, Andalusian Rock or Nouveau Chanson ~ all styles have a space during the Euro.Radio hour.

The program is complemented by a weekly blog where Paco shares details and references about the music he plays, while also recommending other artists and styles.

You can find his blog at https://www.Euro.Radio

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Hosted By...

Francisco 'Paco' Morales  Paco@Euro.Radio

Francisco (Paco) Morales discovered music at a young age and his passion for it has grown as large as his collection of vinyl albums, CDs and digital formats which total in the thousands across all genres. Born and raised in Spain he moved to the United States in the 80s and has lived in St. Petersburg for the past 8 years. He was drawn to the area not only for the weather but also the local enthusiasm for music. He is a devoted audiophile who enjoys creating playlists for the entertainment of family and friends and will happily share details of the artists and their songs. The opportunity to share his love of music with the public is a highlight of his life.