Florida Folk Show

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  • Saturday

    9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Click link  (below)  to watch the Jan 13th 2018 Florida Folk Show with special guests Mark Johnson, Emory Lester and Kene Hyatt


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To watch select videos from the Florida Folk Show click here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23F1A3FD98902186


Gary Horrell, Maybel Flannery and Pete Gallagher        Naomi Cooke of Runaway June


Roger McGuinn and Pete Gallagher                             Melanie Safka


Pete Gallagher and Audrey Auld                    Gary Horrell and Noel Paul Stookey

The Florida Folk Show has been a part of the WMNF family since January 23, 2003.

With host Pete Gallagher, Gary Horrell, and Maybel Lynn

Past co-host include Bobby Hicks, Kelly Green, Raiford Starke, Jim Mason, Ronny Elliott, Meredith Bogush and Jessica Rose Powell.

Defining Florida folk music is very difficult. Everyone has their own idea what makes a song a Florida folk song. Those who like traditional folk often discount contemporary folk, and vice versa. To us, it has less to do with rules and more to do with soul. Does the song or songwriter or performer have a Florida soul? Can you feel it? I hope the Florida Folk Show will help capture that soul, step up interest in the genre and, maybe, inspire some new Florida songwriting


Hosted By...

Pete Gallagher  [email protected]

Pete Gallagher, a Florida native and resident of St. Petersburg since 1974,
has been writing and singing about Florida history, people, culture and
environment for more than 45 years. He is the winner of the 2010 Stetson
Kennedy Foundation Fellow Man and Mother Earth Award.

Gary Horrell  [email protected]

January 1, 2009 Horrell joined Pete Gallagher on the Florida Folk Show.
After a test run in November of 2008 Horrell started live Web-casting the Florida Folk Show from the WMNF radio studio in Tampa, Florida. In addition to watching the show live via the web viewers could now share comments and interact with each other in the show's Chat Room.
Not only is Horrell webcasting the show live, his quick wit offers wry commentary to the show's ever changing cast of characters.

Ronny Elliott  [email protected]

Grumpy, harmless writer born in 1947. Good intentions. Good eater. Gets along well with some others. Marries regularly.

Brilliant musician, songwriter, supporter of other musicians, and a rock'n'roll historian.

Girls swoon with just a look from him.