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  • Tuesday

    6:00 am - 9:00 am

    Marcie Finkelstein

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Marcie Finkelstein gathers listeners together to share music and ideas for an intimate start to the day. Singer-songwriters mix with rock, blues, reggae, and other surprises to get your Tuesday going.  Her program specials include interviews with, and profiles of, your favorite Morning Show artists. News updates every half hour from NPR and the WMNF news team.

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Marcie Finkelstein  [email protected]

As a volunteer, I've followed WMNF to 3 homes over more than 3 decades. I've hosted a program since 1986, starting with the Early Riser Show and moving a year later to the Morning Show. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Baltimore, I grew up with Broadway show tunes and AM radio rock ‘n’ roll. On Tuesday mornings, we’re sure to cover a range of musical genres, from Americana and rock to soul and R&B. I'm continually struck by the power of music to soothe our souls, make us think and move us to action, or just make us want to dance!

Thank you for making Tuesday mornings so special and for bringing a real sense of community to the day. There's a wonderful connection that happens - I can't tell you how many times I've received a request for a song at the very moment I'm loading it into the CD player; or had several listeners make requests that form a perfect set. And I'm proud to be part of a group of people who, whatever our musical or political leanings, share a concern for something beyond our individual comforts.

So thanks for keeping me company, for being in touch, and above all for supporting independent, non-commercial radio. See you next Tuesday!


Many thanks to Creative Loafing for this award and your incredibly kind words. And, of course, endless love and gratitude to my WMNF family. I am extraordinarily lucky to be part of this community treasure, and there is nothing better than spending Tuesday mornings with you.