Musicians Wanted

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I’m excited to present Musicians Wanted, the show allowing local musicians to showcase their talent and talk about their music. There is a wide range of talented musicians and bands that deserve an outlet to be heard and what better place than WMNF.
Feedback is always welcome so after you tune in hit me up to let me know your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the show.
Thanks for listing and supporting local music & community radio

Thanks to FivesMedia for making this video!

As for coming attractions we have no shortage of local hotness coming to the #WMNF airwaves. Below you’ll find the revised schedule.

Nov 26th Danni Rovnak
Dec 3rd Olivia Romano
Dec 10th The Time Framed
Dec 17th Joe Cosas

Hosted By...

Ryan "RJ" Oreskovich

It’s been just about 15 years since I’ve discovered WMNF and I’ve never looked back. Starting as a volunteer for news production and engineering I slowly graduated toward programming, hosting a show in the wee hours of the morning for a couple of years. While doing this I discovered a growing base of local music and noticed very little outlets for these artiest on the airwaves.
Fast-forward to 2015 and you’ll see me hosting Musicians Wanted. I am proud to offer community radio as an outlet to all the local talent out there of which there is no short supply.. This truly is where you hear them first.
Thanks for listening!

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