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Chuck Collins – Inequality: The New Gilded Age CD
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A conversation between Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald reportedly went like this: Fitzgerald says, “The rich are different from you and me.” To which Hemingway responded, “Yes, they have more money.” You bet they do. And now more than ever. The old Gilded Age pales in comparison to the current one. The wealthy of the late 19th century: Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Mellon look impoverished in relation to the current crop of Bezos, Gates and Buffet. Inequality is at record levels. How has it happened? The attack on unions has hurt workers. CEO pay has gone through the roof. There have been massive tax cuts for the haves while the have-nots see their social safety net eroded. The enormous excesses of the first Gilded Age led to a populist backlash and the Progressive Era.

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The Mueller Report
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The Mueller Report in book form presented and related materials by the Washington Post.  Introduction and analysis by reporters Rosalind Heldherman and Matt Zapotosky.  You can get this for a monthly Circle of Friends contribution of $8.33.

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The Humanure Handbook: S**t in a Nutshell 4th Edition by Joseph Jenkins
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The author draws from 40 years of research, experience and travel, to expand and clarify your knowledge and understanding of….your poop and what you can do with it! “This is a cult classic which might strike those without an outhouse as disgusting.  But the methods outlined within have the potential to change the ecological fate of the world.” – The New Yorker

Support WMNF and get this book as a gift for $100, or even better, join our Circle of Friends and get it for $8.33 a month!

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Public Affairs Lovers Wall Tile
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If you really appreciate the informative news and public affairs that you hear on WMNF, then you are a perfect person for a News and Public Affairs Lovers Wall tile. Put you name or the name of a loved one on this wall. This can be set up to monthly contributions of $25 a month for a year.

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