Room 1210

Event Hours(1)

  • Thursday

    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Amanda Doyle

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Picture a room with no stage – just artists and audiences enjoying one DIY space for music, ideas, and conversation. We share the microphone with artists in the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area, spotlight upcoming live shows, and discover new music together, with a healthy dose of interviews. Welcome to Room 1210, where everyone’s welcome!

Thank You Gifts available from Room 1210
Taylor Raynor T-shirt with original artwork
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These are t-shirts with original artwork that match albums by local singer/songwriter Taylor Raynor. Black with white details.

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Taylor Raynor new CD “It Could Rain”
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A brand new CD from local Tampa musician/artist Taylor Raynor, he crafts original indie folk music on his latest album. Available for a pledge to Room 1210!

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Vetnough goodie package – New CD, Small T Shirt, Koozie, and Two Pins (Room 1210 Only)
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Vetnough is one of Tampa’s best up-and-coming bands right now. They just released an incredible album “Conversations”, and are already working on their next one. With Julia Powell’s hauntingly powerful vocals and guitar leading the group, they craft original songs that are darkwave, indie, alternative, electronic-inspired, and just plain beautiful.

This goodie package comes with their brand new CD “Conversations”, a small T-Shirt and Koozie with their logo, and two metal pins to carry Vetnough with you wherever you go. Support your local musicians while supporting your local radio station!

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40 Years RadioActive T-Shirt
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On September 14th, WMNF will be celebrating 40 years of local, independent radio.  Celebrate this anniversary by supporting 88.5 and getting a “40 Years RadioActive” T-shirt. Purchase for $88.50, or even better, join our Circle of Friends and buy it for $7.37 a month. Both in men’s and women’s style.  The women’s shirt is a V neck.

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Guest Host – Get Weird on Room 1210 for $200
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Do you also have an appreciation for unusual, underplayed, and underground music? Are there just some absolute killer tracks in your personal collection that you’ve been dying to share with the world? Well have we got a gift for you!

You can be a guest host on Room 1210 with me, Amanda! Donate to keep us on the air, $200 or more and you can reserve yourself a guest host spot on this show!

You come in to our station in Tampa, and for two hours, you get to pick ALL the music that plays. I’ll run the board, while you get to choose tunes, speak on the mic, commentate, and be a real-life DJ! You’ll be live on the air waves, on 88.5FM, and streaming worldwide on the web. Tell your friends and family to tune in. Plus, you get a copy of your show to keep forever.

This can also make for an amazing gift that will really wow someone – great for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or just appreciating someone you know.

A great entry into the Circle of Friends if you want to break it up into installments! Welcome to the Radio Family.

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WMNF Ball Cap
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You want to represent and look FINE? Ball cap!

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40 Anniversary Love It All Wall Tile
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Have your name or a loved one’s name permanently place on “The Love It All” wall in front of the the Vicki Santa Studio. This can be set up to a Circle of Friends monthly contributions of $20 a month.

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40th Anniversary Music Lovers Wall Tile
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If your life is music then you need a “Music Lovers” tile. Put your name, the name of a loved one or the name of your favorite band permanently on the Music Lover Wall in the WMNF Music Library. For a limited time a 40th Anniversary logo will be included on the tile.  This can be set up in a Circle of Friends monthly contributions of $20. “You’ve got to find some way of saying it without saying it.” Duke Ellington.

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These are exclusive gifts of Room 1210, more Thank You gifts available

Hosted By...

Amanda Doyle

Amanda began her experiences with WMNF when she became an avid daily listener in her teenage years. It wasn't until January of 2017 that she became a regular assistant to Stuart Mellish on his Thursday "It's the Music!" program, and became more involved with the family of volunteers at WMNF. She has lived in Tampa her whole life and has a strong passion for both the community that make Tampa Bay special, and the importance of bringing talented underplayed artists to a larger audience. She is excited to share these voices in her new show Room 1210.