Sonic Sunrise

Event Hours(1)

  • Monday

    3:00 am - 6:00 am

    An Eclectic Mix of New and Old Rock, Reggae, Soul, Country, Rock-a-Billy, Electronic, Punk

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Every Monday 3 AM Eastern US, 8 AM London, and Midnight Pacific US for three hours. Sonic Sunrise WMNF is an eclectic mix of new and old tunes including but not limited to Rock, Country, Rap, Alt. Rock, Punk, Heavy, Reggae, Electronic, Jazz and hybrids in between. Goal is to be half new and half old tunes and mix in all Genres except Classical as it is covered by another Community Radio station unless a hybrid with something else such as Electronic or Rock.

Sonic Sunrise WMNF can be listened to live on 88.5 FM in Central Florida as well as streamed around the world at or on the WMNF app available in both major Mobile App stores.  

Host Mark Hardt has been in and out of College and Community Radio since September 1983.  He hosted Night Waves on Saturdays 3-6 AM on WVXU on the Campus of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He helped break Punk and New Wave bands in the Cincinnati Market. From 2002-2008 Mark was on the air at KUCI 88.5 FM on the campus of University of California at Irvine in Orange County California.  He hosted numerous eclectic Music shows at various time slots and also hosted Heart to Hardt Public Affairs shows at Drive Time.  See his Podcasts here on the UCI server:

Mark debuted Sonic Sunrise WMNF in May 2011 but had to give up the show in September 2011 to take a job in Fort Myers, FL.  The show was revived in July 2019 and was briefly off the air in June 2020 for Pandemic reasons.  You can find some of my shows and Subs for other shows from 2019-2020 and a few at the end of 2021 here.

Here is a short 30 Second audio promo of my show Sonic Sunrise WMNF.


Hosted By...

Mark Hardt   [email protected]

Mark Hardt has been in and out of Public Radio since he was a Sophomore in college at Xavier-WVXU in Cincinnati. Most recently he had a show in the summer of 2011 at WMNF and before that was on the air most of the 2000's at KUCI 88.9 on the campus of UC Irvine in Orange County, CA. Mark goes to as many music shows as possible and this will probably increase as his 12 and 15 year old boys go to more concerts. Mark truly likes everything and even enjoys the Florida Orchestra performances.