Spotlight on Game Changers

Spotlight on Game Changers Podcast

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Airs on HD3 – The Source
Sundays 8:00 am – 9:00 am

 “It’s all about creating positive connections in our world.” ~ Rob Lorei

Spotlight on Game Changers shines a light on the stellar people and organizations that actively pursue creative solutions for the most compelling issues of our times.

Cher Tanner and Sharon Joy Kleitsch are your hosts. Since we live in Tampa Bay, we mix community and regional with state, national and global happenings. Everything’s connected.

We’ll invite thought-provoking ‘Game Changers’ to share stories and what they have learned from standing up and speaking out.

Our intention is that more and more of us become engaged in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet.  See Pachamama Alliance Purpose:

Listen to our first show for our discussion about the Ten Qualities of a Game Changer and you’ll learn on subsequent shows how our guests embody them.

We’ll bring in newer sciences, such as networks, fields, living systems and consciousness, and ponder how they offer clues to making a difference about our democracy, solutions to global warming and addressing a rigged economy.

Hosted By...

Sharon Joy Kleitsch

Sharon Joy Kleitsch, Founding Partner of The Connection Partners
The consummate connector, Sharon Joy Kleitsch is the embodiment of “think globally, plan regionally, and act locally.” Drawing on her experiences as a homemaker, community volunteer, Citigroup senior executive, and completing a Master’s in Spirituality with Matthew Fox, she has a knack for listening for what’s working.

Sharon Joy’s lifelong passion for justice is at the core of her actions to address economic, social and environmental issues. Her ‘secret sauce’ is applying the new sciences to communities. She is a founding partner of The Connection Partners, facilitating change through strategic engagement and conversational leadership.

Cher Tanner

Cher Tanner, Community Coordinator for the Pachamama Alliance Tampa Bay
As a Community Coordinator for the Pachamama Alliance Tampa Bay, Cher declares herself an Evolutionary Pro-Activist. She ‘stands up and speaks up’ on many progressive issues. As a trained Climate Reality Leader through Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, she believes that Climate Change is our greatest existential threat. You will find her marching in the streets or lobbying Members of Congress to inspire drawdown of global warming.

Cher’s background in Positive Psychology serves her well in appealing to the ‘better angels’ in others while negotiating the travails of our current political divide.

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