The Event Horizon

  • Sunday til Monday

    11:00pm - 1:00am

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“The Event Horizon” is an eclectic free form radio show   It’s not unlike the weather where I was originally from, Maryland.  Just wait five minutes it will change.  You might be cowering in the corner one moment then crying on your couch the next.  Regardless you’ll hear music that will move you one way or another.



Also stay tuned for exciting guests performing live, being interviewed and selecting music.

Support the only radio station covering the Tampa Bay Area and beyond that would allow a radio show like the “Event Horizon”, which plays Punk, Prog, Jazz, Electronic, Experimental Sounds, Extreme Metal, Folk, Ambient, Outsider and just about anything we can come up with to exist.

It’s easy just click on the TIP JAR right at the top of the page and make your donation.

(Photo “remix” credits go to Erawk the Sinister of Psycho Realms )

Hosted By...

Ira Hankin  [email protected]

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