WMNF with Katarina Lauver

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  • Thursday

    6:00 am - 9:00 am

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A long-time programmer and contributor to the WMNF community, Katarina Lauver started hosting her first show on WMNF airwaves in 2010.

Passionate about music, Katarina spends much of her time searching for new artists by reading her favorite magazines and websites, and going to local shows to stay in touch with the music community.

“I love discovering new music and when I find it it’s like an explosion in my head, like ‘Oh wow this is amazing!’.  It’s something I share with our listeners and hopefully they feel the same way about it.”

Katarina’s dedication to constantly bring new and interesting music to the community is part of what makes WMNF so culturally important in Tampa Bay.  Her efforts are community driven, with a concentration on ingenuity and cooperation between herself and the listeners.

“The best value of WMNF is that we truly broaden people’s horizons, opinions and viewpoints about everything.  From music and politics to awareness about socio-economic issues, people can really learn a lot from listening to the station.  At WMNF our listeners are able to have an exchange with people who produce the shows and have a meaningful input.  On Thursday mornings, the WMNF With Katarina show, listeners help develop the show, and we all learn from each other.”

Hosted By...

Katarina Lauver  [email protected]

Big ears tuned into the best and freshest indie pop, folk, rock, and roots music.