Florida surgeon general, known for spreading vaccine misinformation, praises state’s COVID-19 response

Joseph Ladapo

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Florida’s Public Health Integrity Committee met today to discuss responses during the COVID-19 pandemic on the federal and state levels. The committee is headed by Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo.

During the meeting, Dr. Ladapo spent time praising his own actions during the pandemic, and the actions of Governor Ron DeSantis, who is widely expected to run for president.

“I personally have a preference for leaders who are willing to admit when the truth is more important than worrying about how your opponent will try and use what you say. And, frankly, I think that type of leadership resonates with people, frankly I think Governor DeSantis is a great example of that.”

Ladapo became a controversial figure during the pandemic for promoting vaccine hesitancy and spreading misinformation regarding the vaccine. Politico revealed in April that Ladapo altered a COVID-19 vaccine analysis to suggest the vaccine posed a significant health risk to young men.

The committee is made up of various doctors who were critical of the federal response. Dr. Martin Kulldorf is a committee member and fellow at right-wing Hillsdale College.

“At this point, public health does not deserve to be trusted. CDC does not deserve to be trusted after so many mistakes they made during this pandemic.”

Ladapo suggested that the Governor might make an appearance during the meeting, but he did not.