From a Woman’s Point of View discusses TPP and Planned Parenthood 10/8

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Two timely issues we would like to cover….

 What is this war on women really about?

Is it politics as usual?  And doesn’t that say a lot?  The vitriol directed not only to Planned Parenthood, but to all women is the worst I have seen it.  JESSICA MASON PIEKLO, Senior Legal Analyst, Rh Reality Check, offers some idea of what is happening.

  TPP anyone?

An agreement that could change our lives in every way and we can’t even get the text of its contents.  Did you follow the meetings in Atlanta?  JESSA BOEHNER, International Program Associate, Global Trade Watch, Public Citizen, did.  Don’t despair.  It is not a done deal, but it will take all of us to comment and get involved.

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