Enter the Room – Be a Guest Host on Room 1210 for $200!


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Come join our little local DIY radio space known as Room 1210! All our welcome for this guest host spot, whether you’re also a diehard fan of the vibrant Tampa music scene, you have some some absolute killer tracks in your personal collection that you’ve been dying to share with the world, or just want to tell jokes while we play mid-90s fuzzy math rock tracks, we have a spot for you!

Donate to keep us on the air, $200 or more, and you can be a guest host on Room 1210 with me, Amanda!

You come in to our station in Tampa, and for two hours, you get to pick ALL the music that plays. I’ll run the board, while you get to choose tunes, speak on the mic, commentate, and be a real-life DJ. You’ll be live on the air waves, on 88.5FM, and streaming worldwide on the web. Tell your friends and family to tune in. Plus, you get a copy of your show to keep forever.

This can also make for an amazing gift that will really wow someone – great for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or just appreciating someone you know.

A great entry into the Circle of Friends if you want to break it up into installments! Welcome to the Radio Family.


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