Nahko and Medicine For The People Jannus Live (TW Only) 10/11/19 8PM


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Two Worlds Only!!

Nahko Bear is an American musician. Born in Portland, Oregon, of mixed ethnic background which includes Puerto Rican and Filipino descent, he was adopted at a young age by a white, religious, family. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he would meet his birth mother. The band’s song “Early February” was written shortly before this meeting; it describes a woman far too young to carry, and putting her baby in a bed of a woman she’d never met. Bear says his creative inspiration is the desire to bridge cultural gaps,[1] and that he has been musically inclined since the age of six when he started learning piano.  He has also worked as a piano teacher and music director.[2] In 2012 he began traveling around the US in a van with his dog.


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