Richard Wolff – Trumponomics (speech) – CD


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Wall Street likes what it sees in the 45th president. The stock market is way up. The reality TV star heads up one of the most pro-corporate administrations in U.S. history. After railing against elites Trump’s cabinet is loaded with Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan honchos. Millionaires and billionaires are staffing key positions. It’s the wealthiest cabinet in history. Deregulation of banking is high on their to-do list. Critics are calling Trump’s economic policies warmed over trickle down Reaganomics. Remember the slogan, a rising tide lifts all boats? Thing is only the yachts go up, the canoes and rowboats sink to the bottom. The New Yorker says, “Trump’s proposed tax cuts would greatly accentuate inequality” and his “protectionist impulses, meanwhile, almost certainly won’t bring back lost manufacturing jobs, but they could spark a damaging trade war.”

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