WMNF Remembers Eve Prang Plews


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Alternative Health and Nutrition Program Host Eve Prang Plews passed away in September 2018.  Eve had been offering sage advice to our listeners for more than a decade. In person Eve was bold, confident, outspoken, funny and opinionated. She was one of a kind- mixing thorough knowledge of medicine and alternative therapies.  We are making her bi-weekly programs from 2017 & 2018 available to you via download for a $120 donation or a Circle of Friends payment of only $10 a month!

Over 43 hours of the Health and Nutrition show hosted by Eve Prang Plews. All 48 episodes are MP3 format provided in one compressed zip file and easily played in most media players.

You will see a link in your donation confirmation email message for immediate download.
File size: 2.4GB


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