Yellow Dice on Bumpy Ride


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Gift Description

-Morlock T-Shirt Iron On (provided by Maniyakmonsters Design)
-DVD ” Kill Bill Vol. II ”
-8 oz Stainless Steel Flask (empty)
-Deck of Gold Foil Playing Cards
-Official Hockey Puck
-Switch Blade Comb
-10 Authentic Six Sided Yellow Dice
-Genuine Red Mexican Wrestlers Mask
Ten Compact Discs
Featuring four Issues of The Continental Magazine covering all things Surf, Twist, and Rock & Roll.
Each coming with a compilation CD
1- The Continental # 16 The Barbwires/Laika and the Cosmonauts with a 22 track CD
2- The Continental # 23 The A-Phonics/ Aloha Screwdriver with a 20 track CD
3- The Continental # 24 La Luz/ The Razorblades with a 21 track cd
4- The Continental # 20 The Dead Rocks/ The Tikihaki Orchestra with 23 track CD
5-The Cramps ” Songs the Lord Taught Us ”
6- The Beechwoods ” Party Time Discotheque ”
7-The Mobsmen ” Fraternitas Aurum Factorm ”
8- Chris Con Carne ” ConCarnage”
9- The Apemen ” 7+ Inches of Love ”
10-Bonney & Buzz ” Rock Ola “

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