Great Songs Week 2020

Great Songs Week

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We always play great songs on WMNF, but this week we are playing the greatest. Each show will be showcasing great songs that fit their format specifically. Tune in all week to hear great songs and request great ones we miss from your favorite WMNF shows.

As the week comes to a close, you can still hear all the great music click on the links below to listen to the archived shows! Each show will be up for 1 week after airing. And remember to fill up the Tip Jar for your favorite shows!

Saturday 8/15
The Acoustic Peace Club – Great Folk Songs
The 70’s Show ROCKS with KTUF – Great Songs From the 70’s chosen by listeners.
Radio Reverb on WMNF 88.5 Tampa Bay – Great New Music

Sunday 8/16
Colors of Jazz – Great Jazz Songs
The Event Horizon – Great Songs of the Summer of 2020

Monday 8/17
First Call – Best of First Call
Sonic Sunrise – Great songs starting in 2020 and going back in time to 1965.
Monday Morning Show – Great First Songs from Great Debut Albums.
“It’s The Music!” Monday – Great Intros to great songs.
Monday Traffic Jam – Tribute/Appreciation albums from the last 6 yrs – Great artists covering legacy artists.
Mo’Blues Monday – Fundamentals of The Blues
Da Soul Kitchen
LatinX on WMNF – Great Songs and Guilty Pleasures

Tuesday 8/18
Grave’s Pizza Party – “Great Scott” Pizza Party, Songs from the years Doc and Marty traveled to.
The Waking Hours
Tuesday Morning Show – Songs that takes us from the personal to the universal – writers who start with a specific experience or event, then craft songs that transcend time and place.
“It’s The Music!” Tuesday – Influential alternative tunes from 2000 to 2020.
Tuesday Traffic Jam
Tye Dye Tuesday: The three Tuesday evening shows celebrated the 1969 Woodstock Music and Arts Fair!
The Freak Show – All your fave songs from that magical 1969 festival…
The Dream Clinic – Bands that couldn’t or wouldn’t be there for whatever reason…
In the Groove – Bands that Jam today in the spirit and groove of the festival that helped change the world!

Wednesday 8/19
Wednesday Morning Show – Greatest Posthumous, Alternate and Unreleased Songs
All Souls Edition of “It’s The Music!” – Great performances.
Wednesday Traffic Jam
Surface Noise – “Money Cuts” Just the best song on great records.
Step Outside – Songs from the Outside! A song cycle of some of the favorite voices of Step Outside.
Cosmic Slop – “Great” songs…songs with Great in the title.

-Thursday 8/20-
Bodyrock – Great alternative hits from the 80s, 90s and the early 00s
Thursday Morning Show – 1960s and 1970s and some recent life affirming, uplifting Soul music.
“It’s The Music!” Thursday – Great Covers of Great Songs.
Thursday Traffic Jam – Iconic intros and a great guitar solo or two. Then, we’ll focus on lyrics: “Words to Live By,”
Room 1210 on WMNF
Ultrasounds – Great songs of Upliftment for the body mind and soul.

Friday & Saturday
Great Songs all day as we hold our final Summer Fund Drive Days! Donate Now!