HD Radio Listening Questions

Where Can I Pick up 88.5’s Digital Signal?

You can hear WMNF’s digital channels throughout most of our listening area. Most listeners in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Lakeland, Sarasota/Bradenton/Manatee and southern Pasco should be able to pick up 88.5, 88.5-2, 88.5-3 and 88.5-4 just fine.

If you’re in an area where you have trouble picking up our main channel, you may have some trouble with the digital signals. Or depending where you are, the digital signals may come in better than regular analog reception. Tall buildings between you and SE Hillsborough County may block reception. But if you move your radio around a bit, you should be able to find a clear signal.

If you have questions about HD reception or you’re having problem getting any of our signals, you can send an email to or call 813-238-8001 x 135.

Let Us Know

We’d love to know where you’re listening, and what you’re listening to. You can send a note to HD@wmnf.org or call 813-238-8001 x 135.

Tuning In Your HD Radio

When you find a place where the Digital button lights up, that’s what you’re looking for. Your radio may take a moment to lock onto the digital signal. When it does, you should see it pick up 88.5 HD-1, our main channel.

Once you’ve got hold of the digital signal, and your Digital button is lit – you should be able to hit the Tune + or Up button, to tune up. That should take you to 88.5-2, which is College Alternative. Hitting the + button one more time takes you to 88.5-3, The Source. One more push of the + button takes you to 88.5-4. And pushing the - or Down button will tune you back through 88.5-3, -2, -1.

If you have questions about HD Radio you can email HD@wmnf.org or call 813-238-8001.

HD Reception

Depending on where you are and what kind of building you’re in, you may have to move your HD radio around a bit to find the best place to receive our digital signal. In most houses or buildings, you’ll find places that won’t pick it up at all – and places where the digital reception is perfect. When you’ve picked up the digital, a light on your radio will probably turn on.

If you’re having trouble picking up the signal, an external FM antenna may help, and can easily be connected to a digital radio.

If you’re having trouble with reception, feel free to send a note to or leave a message for our Engineer at 813-238-8001 x 135 and we’ll call you as soon as we can to help.

Thanks for listening!