How Scientology and its Church members have secretly bought much of the property in downtown Clearwater

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Good morning- welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.

Coming up—the mystery behind the recent purchase of much of the commercial property in Downtown Clearwater by the Church of Scientology and its members.

But first– two listener comments about my interview yesterday with the Kurdish American—discussing what he’s hearing from his family and friends in the Kurdish areas of Syria and Turkey.


Our next guest reports that the Church of Scientology and companies run by church members have spent $103 million over the past three years buying up vast sections of property in downtown Clearwater.

Scientology and its members now own most commercial property on every block within walking distance of the waterfront, putting the secretive church firmly in control of the area’s future.

Our guest is Tracey McManus who is a staff writer at the Tampa Bay Times.

Her article can be seen here: