U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor opposes development in USF Forest Preserve

Kathy Castor

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After the school sent out a request for information from developers, the University of South Florida received several proposals to develop land in the USF Forest Preserve north of the Tampa campus.

On Wednesday Tampa-area Congress member Kathy Castor told the hosts of WMNF’s MidPoint, Shelley Rebach and Janet Scherberger, that she opposes development on the USF Forest Preserve.

“I’ve made my opinion known to [former USF] President Currall. Now, he’s moved on.

“But, from the Federal level, I think what we can do is shine a light on it.

“Most of the existing land use regulations here are local. So, kudos to the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners for making sure that the comprehensive plan land use designations, do not change. Without that, it would be difficult for USF to develop it.

“But it is appalling to me that it was even on the table.

“And I think the important thing right now is to weigh in with the USF Board of Trustees, the new interim president, Rhea Law, state legislators. The [Senate] President, Wilton Simpson, is in our backyard. Chris Sprowls, the Speaker of the House, is in our backyard, and let them know this would be devastating, would be so costly.

“This is also our drinking water supply for Tampa, the Hillsborough River. But this is an important piece of pristine property, right in the middle of a growing community. So, let’s rally to make sure that they do not develop this piece.”

Listen to the full show here.