King High School Students Discuss Fundraiser Due to Lack of Technology Funding in Classroom

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My first topic today was about the effort by two King High School students in East Tampa/Temple Terrace to try to get 50 new (or relatively new) computers for their school.They want to either get computers donated or to raise %25,000 to purchase new laptops.
My guests were Aaryan Sharma ([email protected]) and Arpan Bugui– both seniors at KIng HS in the IB program.
They have a Go Fund Me page- called “King High School Fundraiser”.
Here’s what Aaryan wrote Rob Lorei days ago:
The project that I am focusing on this time relates to raising funds for my high school. C. Leon King High School  is located within a low-income area and many of the students come from nearby areas. Despite this, King High School is one of the best high schools in the Tampa Bay area with its IB program receiving universal praise. King high graduates have gone to reputed colleges like Harvard, NYU Stern, University Of Pennsylvania (UPenn), etc.
Unfortunately, while the hard work that the students and staff put in is incredible, the schools lacking facilities serve as a blockade to further success. The current IT infrastructure at King High School is characterized by desktop/laptops which are 10 years old. As technology has become an integrated part of the curriculum of the school, the reliability and effectiveness of these machines are paramount. Students at the school use the desktop/laptops to conduct research, complete online assignments and take state tests (such as the FSA). I have personally witnessed incidents whereby a student would need to be moved to different machines to be able to take a state standardized test just because the computer would freeze given the age and outdated hardware.

There is a serious need for these machines to be replaced by relatively newer machines that would process new research/testing programs and be portable.

I really believe this is a worthwhile endeavor and one that your platform can raise awareness and funds for.

Thanks a lot,

Aaryan Sharma