Local Healthy Food discussion on Sustainable Living

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living program we talked about healthy, locally produced food.

In April of this year the Tampa Bay Times published a series of articles about local food, farmers markets and restaurants that were making deceptive or inaccurate claims about from where their food was sourced, and whether or not it was organic.

Our guests today included Laura Reiley, Food Critic and reporter for the Tampa Bay Times; and Gregory Seymour, Chef and owner at Pizzeria Gregario, who was featured in Laura’s April  article, Food to Fable, first in the series of fables.

Also, one of our most famous and important organic farmers in west central Florida, founder of Sweetwater Organic Farms, Rick Martinez returned to the show sharing his experience and insight into healthy food.

Autism, Alzheimers, cancers, mental health, and most other chronic diseases are all linked to cheap, conventionally produced, easy to find food. Also, most major environmental concerns in our state are linked to large agribusiness here. Part of the solutions are small, sustainable, local community-based farms, community gardens, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects such as Sweetwater Organic Farms.

Cheap food is easy to find and isn’t going away anytime soon; but the health of our community and families depends on changing from food produced to buy steroids for profit to local, more sustainable food for our health!

photo by Jon Butts

photo by Jon Butts

You can listen back to this show on the WMNF archives.