Legal Scholar Says Firing of Comey Proves Need for Special Prosecutor

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Host Rob Lorei spoke with Stetson law professor Louis Virelli to discuss FBI Director James Comey’s firing and

Stetson University professor Louis Virelli

Photo by Stetson University

President Trump’s suggestion that he might have recorded Comey during their White House meeting. Earlier this week, the President fired the FBI director. The Trump administration had several explanations for the firing, including that it had been recommended by the attorney general and the assistant attorney general. Yesterday on MSNBC Trump revealed that the decision to fire was his alone.

The firing came as news reports indicated that Comey wanted to expand the FBI investigation into possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. And today, President Trump tweeted that he might have recordings of a White House meeting he had with Comey and that the former FBI Director should be careful what he says to the press.

All sorts of questions are being raised about this week’s events.  Would it be legal for the President to secretly record Comey? Did President Trump obstruct justice by firing Comey? And can the FBI carry out an independent investigation into the Russia/Trump allegations? Rob spoke about these issues with Stetson Law professor Louis Virelli, who teaches courses in Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law I, Federal Courts, and Federal Pretrial Practice. Immediately prior to joining Stetson, Professor Virelli served for five years as a trial attorney in the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.


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