Lyme Disease with special guest, Dr. Richard Horowitz

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Dr. Richard Horowitz, the global expert on Lyme disease and author of “Why Can’t I Get Better?”, is here to discuss finding Lyme disease and dealing with the chronic Lyme disease symptoms.

Here’s what Dr. Richard Horowitz and I cover:
1. The global prevalence of Lyme disease – 14.5% of the population has been exposed to it
2. The difference between acute and chronic Lyme disease – chronic Lyme is much worse than people realize
3. The overlap between Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome and long COVID – they share many symptoms

Richard Horowitz, MD is a medical doctor and the author of Why Can’t I Get Better? He is an expert on Lyme disease and has treated over 13,000 patients with chronic Lyme disease.