Mari-Lynn Evans, Director of “Blood on the Mountain” on Radioactivity Thursday

The mountaintop removal site at Kayford Mountain, West Virginia.

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USF faculty launch efforts for better pay and working conditions

Adjunct faculty members do a lot of work at colleges and universities. Many core courses are taught by adjuncts — professionals who are essentially part time workers, with no job security. At the University of South Florida (USF), some adjuncts have joined together to try to get better pay and a union. Rob is joined by Jeanette Abrahamsen, an adjunct at USF Tampa, and Rebecca Skelton, an adjunct at USF St. Petersburg.


Film Blood on the Mountain addresses workers’ rights and the environment in coal country

Earlier this week, President Trump promised to coal miners that they were going back to work as he undid one of President Barack Obama’s executive orders on climate change. President Trump, surrounded by coal company executives and coal miners, signed the executive order to nullify President  Obama’s climate change efforts in an attempt to revive the coal industry.

Rob’s second guest is film-maker Mari-Lynn Evans, Director of an amazing new film called Blood on the Mountain. She has spent a lot of time in coal country, and says the situation is much more complex than what the President promised.


To listen back to this interview from 3/30/17, click here.