MidPoint: Medication abortion pill access

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Medication abortion accounted for 54% of all abortions performed in U.S. clinics and it is deemed safe and effective for early-term abortions. Abortion pills are now also available by mail from many offshore sources, for home-based, self-managed abortions. Recently, the FDA approved U.S. pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens to fill prescriptions for abortion pills for home-based, self-managed abortions. But, pharmacies can not fill those prescriptions in Florida where doing so is a crime. Meanwhile, anti-abortion forces are organizing protests outside these pharmacy chains to pressure these corporations not to fill prescriptions for medication abortion pills. What’s next for medication abortion access? My guests from Red State Access which provides information on medication abortion resources for people in restricted states (www.redstateaccess.org) and Progress Florida and Floridians for Reproductive Freedom, which represents abortion rights advocates and also provides abortion rights information, fill us in on today’s show on the current state of affairs surrounding abortion pill access. Progress Florida is also offering monthly training for reproductive rights advocates to learn how to effectively and legally spread information about self-managed abortion with pills. (https://progressflorida.org/sass/)

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