Galbraith Group

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Galbraith Group, a family trio consisting of brother Josh Galbraith on guitar and sisters Ashley and Taylor on bass and drums, has been hitting it at local clubs as well as festivals with passionate live shows throughout the state. This family band has been gradually carving their way by performing somewhat unconventional and underground music, taking from the 60’s and 70’s blues and prog rock sounds that they have been so heavily influenced by, given the many years of Rush, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan records, to name a few, steadily pumping through the family household from a young age.  This power trio, with their visible family bond on & off stage along with their eclectic variety of sound & dynamic given in each performance, is beginning to become recognized as something completely unique. One can guarantee each show will always possess an improvised and in-the-moment vibe that can surely capture every music lover!

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