Permanent Makeup

Photo by Carrie Waite Permanent Makeup FB Bassist Chris Nadeau (of noise-punk band Blast & the Detergents) and drummer Susan Dickson teamed up with guitarist James Bess (ex-Dumbwaiters, Insect Joy) to form Permanent Makeup in 2010. The band played their first show together without ever having practiced. The venue: a doctor’s office. Mostly improvised; w/… Read more »

Pretty Voices

Pretty Voices formed in 2009 from the remnants of two local garage bands, and quickly earned a reputation as a fun live band with strong garage pop melodies and quirky vocal deliveries. Pretty Voices plays many of the smaller venues in the Tampa Bay area, from the Local 662 in St. Petersburg to New World… Read more »

Ragged Old Souls

  Ragged Old Souls, founded in early 2014 by former members of several long time Tampa Bay area rock and jam bands, is a six-piece outfit bringing a tasty fusion of rock, funk, reggae, and blues. While their music may be hard to classify, the smokey vocals of frontwoman Enid “Soulshaker” Ortiz, combined with two… Read more »

Rebekah Pulley and the Reluctant Prophets

Ever had honey poured in your ear? People are finding out what that is like with Rebekah Pulley’s tough but tender mix of folk, country and rock. Listeners everywhere are taking notice of Rebekah’s sweet honey dripped vocals, heartfelt guitar playing and soul inspiring writing.

Ricky Wilcox & the Moonsnakes

Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes (Steve Connelly- guitar, Rick Boucher – drums, Jim Brown – bass, and Bill “Julio” Barrett – keys) blends power-pop, soul and 80’s British pub-rock influences to serve up an infectiously tuneful stew. -WMNF’s Duncan Strauss   From 1983 until 1996 Ricky Wilcox played with legendary Tampa Bay band Deloris Telescope…. Read more »

Rocket 88

“Rag-cuttin’, beer-swillin’, table-dancin’, chain-smokin’, rube-punchin’, skirt-chasin’, heel-stompin’, tire-squealin’, hip-shakin’, arm-raisin’, shot-sluggin’, premise-evictin’, sweat-pourin’,…rockabilly greatness.” Ink Nineteen

Ronny Elliott

Ronny Elliott was born in 1947. He insists that rock’n’roll was, too. Frequently referred to as a cult artist he has stories that he claims to be tired of telling. Elvis offered to teach him karate. He was assigned the lowly task of holding up Jimi’s Marshall cabinets in case he “whacked” them after opening… Read more »

Row Jomah

Row Jomah is a 5 piece rock/fusion group out that takes traditional rock instrumentation – guitars, bass, drums and keyboards – and creates a sound that’s just a little bit different from what you’ll hear on a typical evening in the Tampa Bay Area. Row Jomah was founded in 2013 as organic as any band… Read more »


It must be something in the water! Hailing from the humid swampy shores of Tampa Bay, SAHE (sah-he) is a 4 piece alt-hard rock band that is equaled by few and outmatched by none. Their music composed of titanic drums, mammoth bass lines, and colossal guitars can be slightly schizophrenic at times, with hard edged… Read more »

Someday Honey

Someday Honey is a collective 4 piece group featuring vocalist and guitarist Kaleigh Baker, Matt Walker (guitar), Mark Cunningham (upright bass) and Sam Farmer (drums). Their sets feature amazing musicianship, stellar vocals, and a delightful dose of witty stage banter.

Sonic Graffiti

Sonic Graffiti is three guys who can sound like a “blender of blues, funk, punk and more…and is a fair audio equivalent to wild flashes of color on a blank canvas wall.” -James Lamont, Zero Warning. The St. Petersburg  band came together out of necessity one day in early 2013, just weeks before the lead… Read more »

Stolen Idols