Troy Youngblood and the Soul Fish

“If I was knocked out by TEB’s voice, I was totally unprepared for what happened next. Troy Youngblood and the SoulFish hit the stage, and Youngblood’s amazing voice filled the entire fest. There simply aren’t many male singers of his caliber in these here parts. Youngblood also played a mean guitar, fronting bass, drums, keyboard,… Read more »


UNRB is a 7-piece band from St. Petersburg.  The band contains very unorthodox instrumentation, using an electric ukulele instead of a guitar and featuring a powerful 4-piece horn section that routinely switches instruments between songs. Their music touches almost every genre including ska, rock, funk, blues, jazz, reggae, polka, even some classical nothing is off… Read more »


  ‘Wahh!’ is a spectacular blend of East meets West in true Fusion Music style.   Using the scintillating sounds of Indian Tabla and Vocal overtones, ‘Wahh’ fuses a modern approach weaved in with Sitar, Bansuri Flute, Western Drums, Guitar and Bass.  Combining Indian Raga music and Western harmonic melodies with an infectious Rhythm section creates… Read more »

Whiskey Dregs

Described as “A Freight Train of Celtic sound”, Tampa areas Whiskey Dregs blends traditional Irish songs with rock, punk, pop and whatever other styles they feel like into a distinct sound that gets your feet stomping and your head banging. Former 3 Pint Harmony and Ugly Jameson’s fiddle player Christer Saarikko and drummer Ken Walker banded… Read more »

Zulu Wave

Zulu Wave create their own kind of high-energy, overdriven, fuzzed out sound. Loud. Frantic. Ever-changing.   Despite a somewhat revolving cast of players,   Zulu Wave have been able to ride a brand of sonically lush, ruminating avant-pop into the national spotlight. They were bright spots on the bills of the 2012 CBGB Music Festival and… Read more »