It’s Never Just Another Fund Drive

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We have been through a lot lately… and I’m just talking about the month of September!

Even though we in the Tampa Bay area dodged a bullet when it came to Hurricane Irma, it sure didn’t feel like it for a lot of people. No power. Gas in short supply. Flooding in some areas.

But WMNF was there with you through it all, providing the information you needed without scaring the daylights out of you. And soothing you with music and friendly voices when others were, frankly, trying to scare the living daylights out of you.    

WMNF had everything it needed – the technology, the generator, the staff – to give you everything you needed because of, well, you!

Which brings us to the WMNF Fall Fund Drive.

Everything WMNF brings to your community – news, music, vital information, a place to talk, a place to learn, a place to chill, a place to discover – is a direct result of your support.

And that is why we have fund drives. They raise the money to pay for everything we need to keep this community radio station on the air – through sunny and stormy times. 

EVERY fund drive is essential to WMNF!

And we believe WMNF is essential to the Tampa Bay Community. You hear perspectives on WMNF you don’t hear anywhere else. You hear music on WMNF you don’t hear anywhere else. And you hear real people volunteering to keep you company over the airwaves 24/7.

Amy & Ed from an earlier drive

And it’s been that way for 38 years!

But only because Tampa Bay listeners have stepped up and said with their pledges that what WMNF does is important – for themselves and the community.

WMNF’s Fall Fund Drive isn’t just another fund drive. There’s no such thing!

WMNF’s Fall Fund Drive is your chance to say – I want WMNF in my life now and into the future.

Thanks for supporting WMNF. We won’t let you down.

After all, you’ve never let us down. You get it. It’s NEVER just another fund drive.