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Friday March 6, 2015

Environmentalists Say Let’s Not do Nuclear Power- Mitch Perry

As the US Senate continues to debate a possible energy bill, environmentalists are coming together to reject any movement to look to Nuclear Power as a possible answer to the country’s growing energy needs.

Amongst the proposals being discussed in the Senate this week is legislation that includes tax incentives, loan guarantees and federal liability protection for new reactors. The Senate bill also would authorize $1.3 billion for cutting-edge nuclear-hydrogen projects.<...

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Tampa City Council approves new fishing sites- Mitch Perry

Today at the Tampa City Council Meeting, the city’s Director of Parks & Recreation discussed a report from her staff regarding areas where citizens can fish in areas that were previously prohibited.

The report was commissioned by the City Council after it was learned that it is actually illegal to fish off of Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa.

Today, Park & Rec Director Karen Paulus announced that in the very northeast end of the Bayshore can be accommodated for fishing (roll tap...

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Last night after a 9 an a half hour hearing, the St Petersburg Environmental development commission voted against issuing a permit for a new Wal-Mart store on Gandy Boulevard and Brighton bay Boulevard. More than 200 citizens packed city hall, neighborhood residents had raised more than 5000 dollars to pay for lawyers and organized for months to oppose the store. They focused on two major issues—one was the increased traffic on local roads and intersections, especially on Brighton Bay...

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To coincide with the downing street memo hearings, About 20 citizens from Hillsborough and Pinellas county gathered at Patriots Park at the corner of BayShore and Bay to Bay in Tampa. They came to speak out against what they say is a war based on lies, and to try and raise public consciousness about the downing street memos. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer was there and spoke to some of those local residents.


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Al-Arian trial, INS, Controversial/prejudcial video - by Lance Robson

The day’s testimony began slowly. Barbra Mineely, an adjudication officer from the department of Homeland Security, spoke about Sami Al-Arian’s citizenship applications.

The prosecution put a few jurors to sleep during the process of having two FBI agents identify items they seized from homes and businesses of most of the defendants. The only thing established at this point is that among boxes and boxes of seized evidence the government has found a few PIJ-related pho...

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Nelson Forces Oil Drilling Guarantee- Mitch Perry

Florida’s Senior Senator, Bill Nelson, today proudly told reporters that he had received an agreement in writing from the ranking Republican and Democrat working on the Senate Energy Bill that they would oppose any Amendments that would lift the moratorium on drilling for oil and gas off of Florida’s Gulf Coast.Florida’s Senior Senator, Bill Nelson, today proudly told reporters that he had received an agreement in writing from the ranking Republican and Democrat worki...

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HOW AMERICA LOST IRAQ Interview with author Aaron Glantz

For the past two years Pacifica Radio reporter Aaron Glantz has travelled frequently to war zones in Iraq. Glantz is an unembedded reporter who has spent an extensive amount of time talking with ordinary Iraqis about the U.S. military occupation. Glantz says that there was an opening for the U.S. to win Iraqi support for the American presence, but that opportunity was lost. The Americans have rounded up innocent villagers, killed or wounded thousands of civilians, and failed to secure the inf...

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Hillsborough County Commissioners approve motion refusing to honor gays- Mitch Perry

Hillsborough County Commissioners voted 5-1 today to abstain from promoting and participating in Gay Pride Recognition and events…

The issue came out after County Commissioner Ronda Storms said last week that she was disturbed that there was a book display honoring Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at a Library in Town N Country.

The display itself was then removed, then brought back and put in a less prominent area of the West Gate Regional Library….

The issue about libraries...

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Today the city of St Petersburg’s Environmental Development Commission held a hearing regarding the approval of a proposed Wal-Mart super center on Gandy Boulevard at the corner of Brighton Bay road. Over 100 citizens opposed to Wal-Mart came to the hearing, ready to criticize the corporations record of treating employees poorly, the environmental impact it would have being built on wetlands, and the traffic it would create. John Hixenbaum the city of St Petersburg’s’ c...

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Funding for Road leading into Busch Gardens debated at MPO Meeting - Mitch Perry

Today at the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting, a proposal to agree to fund a request by the City of Tampa to improve conditions along Busch Boulevard met with objections from Commissioner Ronda Storms

The issue came up as the Board was asked to initially approve a requested list of application for funding from the Board…..In this case, it involves a request for a $4 million dollars to spruce up the opening into the theme park…


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