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Friday May 22, 2015

DIANE MASON, filmmaker and daughter ANN -“The Last Refuge: One Woman’s Glimpse of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge� - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

“The Last Refuge: One Woman’s Glimpse of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge�

Diane Mason, filmmaker with her daughter, Ann. Ann Mason visited the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the first time when she was 15 and vowed then to return. 15 years later she and her mother returned – video camera in tow. “It is very possible that no human has stepped where you’ve stepped.� The film captures the quiet beauty and vastness of a region that is lar...

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NARAL Pro-Choice America - GEN RAY - John Roberts - Friend or Foe? - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

NARAL Pro-Choice America. Gen Ray, Operations Director forNARAL Pro-Choice America talked with us about questions we should ask John G Roberts. NARAL was very disappointed with President Bush's choice for a nominee. His record indicates that he is definitely anti-choice. We have a right to know his views. Roe v. Wade and reproductive freedom? Right to privacy? Federalism and states rights? Environment? Endangered species? Individual rights? Gay rights? Prayer in school? Separatio...

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SUSAN STERN, filmmaker, "The Self Made Man" - POV - End of Life Decisions - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

“The Self Made Man�

Susan Stern, filmmaker. The filmmaker will discuss her father – a self-made man who was one of the pioneers with solar energy – who made decisions regarding the end of his life. In the film she raises issues we all will have to face.

Susan discussed her father's decision to end his life when he learns he has two very serious, life and quality of life threatening illnesses. She discussed the issues of a person losing independence as they ag...

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VONN NEW, EQUALITY FLORIDA - Update on Hillsborough County - Mary Glenney, Women's Show

“Discrimination in Hillsborough County�

Vonn New, Equality Florida. Discussion of the latest county commission meeting where commisioners refused to extend the comment period by constituents. Voted to uphold the ban. Equality Florida is working to remain positive and take the high ground while working to change these actions and hold the commissioners accountable.

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More than 100,000 police officers nationwide reportedly carry Tasers. The devices, which firing a pair of pronged darts that latch onto clothing or skin and send a 50,000 volt causing the victims to collapse, are used by more than 180 police agencies in Florida and by more than 7,000 law enforcement agencies nationally. This week the city of st Petersburg police department announced they have decided to use Tasers. On Tuesday, Tarpon Springs city commissioners announced they have decided on...

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Hyde Park Activists Say Bayshore Tower Not a Done Deal-Mitch Perry

As we reported last night on the Evening News, Tampa City Councilman John Dingfelder yesterday reacted with outrage at the Council meeting upon learning of a settlement between the City of Tampa and a developer on a proposed condominium Tower on Bayshore Boulevard.

Dingfelder, who represents that section of South Tampa on the Council , said he had no idea mediation was happening. The issue of how big the Building should be has been a contentious issue between local Hyde Park resi...

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Today at the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club, the chairs of both the Republican and Democratic parties of Pinellas county were the guest speakers. WMNFs Andrew Stelzer was there and filed this report.

Pinellas county is one of the most politically divided counties in the state. Out of 600,00 voters, Republicans outnumber Democrats by only 7400 registered voters, and President Bush beat John Kerry by only 700 votes last year. With the race for governor, 2 cabinet positions, one senate sea...

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Al-Arian trial, Translator, Wills issue, Historical context - by Lance Robson

FBI translator Faoud Ghaorah worked on the Al-arian case from 1996 to 2003 translating hundreds of faxes and conversations.

Along with nearly 50 translations the government admitted what were called the wills of three individuals. The men named in the “wills� carried out a 1992 attack against a military checkpoint in Southern Lebanon that killed three Israeli soldiers. The documents were found on the computer of Ramadan Shallah, who once headed the USF think-tank that Al...

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