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Monday April 27, 2015

Animating For Social Change

On today’s Sustainable Living program we talked about a topic that directly relates to Community Conscious Radio and how we can encourage and up-lift our allies and supporters on behalf of our common mission by Animating for Social Change. Our very special guest on today’s show will be doing a free workshop for the Bridge Foundation this coming Saturday from 10AM to 4:30PM in Tampa. Dr. Cecilia Yocum is a certified psychodrama practitioner with 35 years of experience as a psychologist. She’s...

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Rob Lorei, Host of Florida This Week and Radioactivity call-in show

WEDU's Florida This Week discusses Florida governors past and present, and job growth led by low wage service work

We listen to audio from Florida This Week, a political talk show moderated by Radioactivity host Rob Lorei, that aired this pass Friday on local PBS station WEDU. Topics discussed include Jeb Bush's recent trip to Tallahassee and his record as Florida's Governor, Rick Scott's struggling approval ratings, a looming 1.3 billion shortfall in federal health care money for Florida, and the state's job growth that is comprised mostly of low-wage, service sector jobs. We then open up the phone lines...

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Army Staff Sgt. Perry Hopman wears a mask he created in art therapy and stands in front of the medications he takes daily for blast-force injuries.

photo by © Lynn Johnson/National Geographic, from the February issue of National Geographic magazine.

Exploring questions about traumatic brain injury in soldiers and veterans

In the years between 2001 & 2014 about 230,000 soldiers & veterans self-identified as suffering from “mild traumatic brain injury," also called TBI. That's according to estimates by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Monday WMNF News interviewed Caroline Alexander a contributing writer for National Geographic Magazine. She’s also a bestselling author and has written a number of documentary films, most recently Tiger Tiger. She wrote the February 2015 National Geographic cover story, “[The Inv...

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photo by Julie Jordan Scott/Flickr

the 17th Annual Homeless Marathon sheds light on issues facing the nation's homeless

Today we talk with Jeremy Alderson, founder of the Homeless Marathon, an annual radio program that tells the stories of America's homeless in their own voices. Alderson talks about the many misconceptions and issues facing the homeless today. The Marathon will air its 17th annual program from Sarasota this year starting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 17th until 9 a.m. the next day. Over 90 community radio stations will be broadcasting the show and 4 hours will be carried on Directv and Dish network satel...

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August Wilson and William Shakespeare in the House

Chrystal Bates and Alan Bonar Jones came in to talk about the acclaimed American Stage version of Wilson's play, part of the ongoing series of the Pittsburgh Chronicles.

Much Ado shoots Shakespeare up with a rowdy, sexy wedding scene, staged by the Avant Guardians, aka Coco and Homo, aka Colleen Cherry and Zachary Hines. Love in the 21st century...

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Marisol Marquez with Raices en Tampa.

photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News.

Immigration panel Saturday in Tampa

Comprehensive immigration reform remains elusive in Congress; but here in Tampa, local activists are calling attention to the need to stop deportations.

This Saturday several groups are hosting a panel on immigration called Stop the Heartbreak.

WMNF spoke with Marisol Marquez, an organizer with the group Raices en Tampa.

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De-funct intercontinental ballistic missile at the Titan Missile Museum at Sahuarita, Arizona

photo by Devin Ford, Flickr

The Doomsday clock has been set 2 minutes closer to catastrophe, Kennette Benedict explains why

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced yesterday that it has moved its iconic Doomsday clock two minutes forward, symbolically putting humanity three minutes away from a man-made global disaster. Kennette Benedict, executive director of the Bulletin, explains how climate change, modernization of nuclear weapons, and large weapons arsenals have increased the probability of a widespread catastrophe. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Board of Science and Security was founded by former Manh...

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Tampa mayoral write-in candidate Jose Vazquez, former ABC 28 reporter Alan Cohn

Some people think Tampa mayoral write-in candidate Jose Vazquez is a bit crazy. Why would anyone want to run against Bob Buckhorn for Tampa mayor this winter? Especially when you've got a criminal record. Tune it hear why.

Also: Eckerd Psychology Professor Marjorie Sanfilippo talks about why it's a bad idea for the Florida Legislature to pass legislation allowing guns on college campuses, former ABC 28 reporter Alan Cohn talks about the return of Jim Norman to local politics.

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photo by MSA Facebook event page.

USF students part of statewide vigil for Chapel Hill victims

The Muslim Students Association at the University of South Florida will be part of a coordinated statewide vigil Thursday at 4:00 p.m. for the victims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. To find out more, WMNF interviewed Malak Sakhoury, the interfaith chair with the MSA at USF.

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Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food by Dale Finley Slongwhite

photo by University Press of Florida

The Fairness Doctrine tackles plastic shopping bag use, and the legacy of pollution at Lake Apopka

We kick off this morning's Radioactivity with another edition of the Fairness Doctrine, a debate-style segment hosted and produced by Jennifer Sullivan. Today we discuss the use of plastic shopping bags versus reusable canvas bags. arguing in favor of reusable bags is Friedemann Buschbeck of the Tampa Green Party, and for plastic bags is Mark McClure, Vice President of Operations at International Plastics Inc.

We then speak with Dale Finley Slongwhite, author of Fed Up: The High Cost of Ch...

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