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Thursday May 28, 2015

KID CARE - Mitch Perry

More than 90,000 children waiting for subsidized health insurance will get it under a measure headed to the desk of Governor Jeb Bush over the protestations of Democrats who say that accompanying changes to the program will ultimately deprive families.

The House passed a measure to spend $25 million in state and federal money to open enrollment in the KidCare program to children who were on a waiting list through January 30th. The popular program allows families with low incomes to buy che...

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KERRY/BUSH - Mitch Perry

Meanwhile, there is now almost 8 full months the country will go to the polls and decide whether to re-elect George W. Bush, or his likely Democratic Party challenger, John Kerry.

With John Edwards withdrawal from the race yesterday, now only Dennis Kucinich and the Reverend Al Sharpton are active candidates as Floridians go to the Polls next Tuesday.

Writing in the Internet magazine Slate.Com, political journalist Chris Sullentrop wrote yesterday that "the whole Edwards-Kerr...

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FMU Student sues for lack of accreditation

INTRO: Earlier this week, a graduate of the for profit Florida Metropolitian University

Sued the school after spending $37,000 earning an associate's degree, only to discover that her credit hours would NOT transfer to a number of other colleges.

34 year old Adrienne Travis completed her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice at the school's Brandon campus.....But when she decided to transfer to St.Leo University in Pasco County, she le...

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INTERVIEW WITH DENNIS KUCINICH, a congressman from Cleveland, is running for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

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KUCINICH AT USF - Darien Cavanaugh and Beth Wolfe

Last night, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke at USF’s Special Events Center in a public forum hosted by the Student Government.

Voice Over: Nearly 250 people, including students and activists, attended the forum. Students arrived with a broad range of questions, for the democratic candidate.

Brandon hoped to learn of more significant ways for college students to become more active and effective in political activites.

Voice over one:

Kucinich addressed these concerns...

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When President Bush signed a bill in December that changed the Medicare system that provides healthcare to Americans over 60, he claimed that the goal was to provide cost efficient care, and would end up saving seniors money. Many people disagreed with him then, and when it was announced in early February that the plan would cost 134 million dollars more than Bush had announced. Today, in three Florida cities, citizens gathered to try and educate the public about the misleading information ...

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Miami Judge: Public Protest Laws unconstitutional

A federal judge now has the final word on public protests in Miami while city officials rewrite laws used to arrest hundreds of demonstrators during November's Free Trade Area of the Americas meetings.

U.S. District Judge Donald. Graham's Friday night ruling bypasses Miami's permit requirements, which activists say violate their constitutional rights to free speech and public assembly. Graham ordered the city to automatically grant ...

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Bob Kuntz on Senator Kerry

INTRO: Miami Democratic Activist Bob Kunst has received national news over the past few months as he has tried -unsucessfully - to recruit Hillary Clinton into the mix as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.

Kunst has also led the fight for gay rights for decades...He was in Orlando today, protesting John Kerry's appearance there........That's because Kerry said last week that that he supports amending the Massachusetts Constitu...

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Two activists with the Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality (HOPE) discussed the number of working poor in the county, how hard it is for low income workers to afford the basics of life and argued that a living wage (at or above the poverty line) was essential for the quality of life in the county. Our guests were Rev. Willard Lee, President of HOPE and Susan Ketterer, a group member.

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Andrew McGuire was an organizer for the Million Mom March and a co-founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He's now turned his attention to educating people about the reality of the Medicare Reform law passed last year by Congress and signed by the president. He says that the average senior will be forced to pay more for prescription drugs under the plan and that it creates needless regulations banning the federal government from negotiating with drug companies to lower the price of prescri...

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