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Saturday April 19, 2014


No Tax For Tracks spokesperson Barbara Haseldon shows slides she says are evidence that PSTA doesn't have a fiscally sustainable plan.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Both sides of Pinellas County transit referendum say the other is spreading misinformation

Both sides of a controversial transit referendum in Pinellas County think the other is spreading misinformation. During a debate at Suncoast Tiger Bay Club Thursday, PSTA board member Ken Welch accused the group No Tax for Tracks of blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Welch was interrupted by longtime opponent David McKalip.

"There are so many misinformation items being put out there. Look, I'm used to this because I was chairman during the fluoride debate, Dr. McAlister. I'm use...

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Radioactivity airs Ralph Nader Radio Hour show

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei airs an episode from the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Ralph Nader is in dialogue with David Feldman and Steve Skrovan, discussing the big issues of the day. Nader is on the 100 most influential Americans of the 20 th century, according to Time/Life. David Feldman is an Emmy Award winning writer and host of the David Feldman Radio Show. Steve Skrovan is a former TV host (MTV and Fox) and is also the co-director/producer of the documentary film An Unreasonable Man....

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Four years after oil spill, environmentalists still looking for restoration

A National Wildlife Federation study of Gulf wildlife four years after the BP oil spill shows a continued effect on bottlenose dolphins. According to the report, since 2010, more than 900 dolphins have found dead or stranded in the affected area and last year dolphins were found dead at three times the rate considered normal. The study also looked at ongoing affects on birds, whales and varies species of fish. During a teleconference today, Dr. Pamela Plotkin, an oceanography research profess...

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Professor David Schultz

Professor says McCutcheon decision uses first amendment as thuggery and a new study looks at how the gender gap keeps women in poverty

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Professor David Schultz, author of Election Law and Democratic Theory, Ashgate Publishing (Jan 2014) about the Lessons of the McCutcheon decision in the supreme court. Last week, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission was argued in front of the supreme court and its decision struck down aggregate political contribution limits.

At the core of the McCutcheon is the argument that all individuals have a right...

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Faith-based activists call on reduction of juvenile arrest rates

Juvenile arrest rates are the focus of a faith-based group in St. Pete meeting Monday night. The group FAST, which stands for Faith and Action for Strength Together is co-chaired by Reverend Willie McClendon. He says the group is asking elected officials to embrace a statewide program that allows police officers to issue civil citations to juveniles for non-violent offenses, like marijuana possession.

McClendon expects about 3,000 interfaith activists at the rally in Tropicana Field Monda...

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Former U.S. ambassador to Russia John Beyrle talks about Crimea to USF students and professors

photo by Janelle Irwin

Former US ambassador to Russia says Crimea crisis isn't new Cold War

A Ukrainian Navy Officer was killed during a confrontation with a Russian soldier in Crimea early Monday.

The Crimea crisis is escalating tension between the U.S. and Russia, raising speculation that the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula into Russia may spark another Cold War. Former Russian Ambassador John Beyrle criticizes U.S. response as being too divided.

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McCutcheon decision not boding well with WMNF listeners

The US Supreme Court this week struck down overall limits on campaign contributions, but left in place limits on how much can be dolled out to individual candidates.

The justices said in a 5-4 vote that Americans have a right to give the legal maximum to candidates for Congress and president, as well as to parties and PACs, without worrying that they will violate the law when they bump up against a limit on all contributions, set at $123,200 for 2013 and 2014. That includes a separate $48,...

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