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Wednesday July 8, 2015


Environment Florida says drinking water sources, like the Hillsborough River shown here, will be better protected under the EPA's new clean water rule.

photo by Seán Kinane (Sept. 2008).

Environment Florida applauds new EPA clean water rule

This week the Environmental Protection Agency issued rules to clarify interpretation of the Clean Water Act; some farming groups are calling it an overreach.

But environmentalists, like Jennifer Rubiello, campaign director at Environment Florida, say it will protect waterways in the state.

Congress has sixty days to review the newly-proposed Clean Water rule.

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Radioactivity airs a speech by journalist and author Chris Hedges

Today we listen to a speech by journalist and author Chris Hedges that he made at the Holter Museum of Art at the University of Montana in Helena. He is a senior fellow at the Nation Institute and a regular columnist for progressive news website, as well as a former foreign correspondent for the New York Times from 1990-2005. Hedges talks about his time teaching American history to prison inmates and the moral imperative of nonviolent social justice.

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Turner River in The Everglades

photo by Chauncey Davis/Flickr

Environmentalists want more Amendment 1 funds for Everglades restoration

Environmentalists plan on holding rallies throughout the state this week , calling for lawmakers to allocate more funds to land acquisition and protection. Many feel that the voters' intent for Amendment 1, which allocates one-third of the revenues from real estate sales tax to land conservation, has been ignored in Tallahassee. We listen to a recorded conference call with Audubon of Florida and other environmental groups, in which they discuss the allocation of funds for land-buying and rest...

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photo by Sasha Fields/Asolo Repertory Theatre

Musical based on the life of Woody Guthrie to premiere at Asolo Theatre in Sarasota

Joining us today is actor David Lutken, actor and co-creator of Woody Sez:The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie, a play based on the life and work of the seminal folk musician, whose politicized take on traditional folk songs influenced the protest songs and folk revival of the 1960's. We talk about how Guthrie's upbringing and travels throughout the Great Depression and Dust bowl period influenced his music and poetry.

Woody Sez will be premiering locally at the Asolo Repertory Theat...

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photo by Ed Kennedy/Flickr

Florida This Week speaks with combat veterans from WWII to Iraq War

Today on Radioactivity, we air a Memorial Day edition of WEDU's Florida This Week, in which host Rob Lorei interviews 4 combat veterans from different eras of conflict: Pilot George Hardy who flew in WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars, Skip Hannan who was awarded the Purple Heart for his service in the Korean War, Ann Rawley who served as a military nurse in Vietnam and the first Gulf War, and Nadine Noky who served in the Iraq War. Each shared their experience serving in the wars and current m...

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photo by Cuauhtemoc-Hidalgo Villa-Zapata/flickr

Sarasota artist will hold mock funerals for confederate flags on Memorial Day

Today on Radioactivity we talk about a controversial art project involving the mock funeral of confederate flags across the South. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the cremation and burial these flags will take place on Memorial Day, coinciding with similar ceremonies taken place in southern states such as Kentucky and Missouri as part of the [The 13 Flag Funeral art project](https://www...

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Former State Senator Helen Gordon Davis

photo by Rob Lorei

Radioactivity remembers former state senator Helen Gordon Davis

Today on Radioactivity we listen back to a 2013 interview with former state senator Helen Gordon Davis, who died Monday at the age of 88. She was the first woman from Hillsborough county to be elected to the state senate, serving 6 terms and one term in the state house. She was the first white woman in Florida to join the NAACP and was a known advocate for minorities, the poor, and women's rights.

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Former USF President and state legislator Betty Castor talks about her trip to Cuba, higher education & health care policy

Betty Castor was part of a contingent led by the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce to Cuba. On the program she talked about her impressions and needs of the island. A former president at the University of South Florida, she also talked plenty about higher education. Health care issues here in Florida were also discussed.

Castor was elected to three terms in the Florida State Senate before being elected education commissioner in the 1980's. She ultimately served as USF's president from 199...

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First Baptist Church in Downtown Tampa

photo by James Willamor/Flickr

America is losing its religion, atheist activist Hemant Mehta discusses why

Last week the Pew Research Center released an extensive study showing that the number of self-identified christians are on the decline, falling 8 percentage points in the last 7 years, according to the survey. Meanwhile the numbers of the religiously unaffiliated, including atheists and agnostics, have increased 6 percent in the same amount of time, non-christian followers also increased slightly. Atheist blogger and author Hemant Mehta, joins us to discuss the meaning of the study's findings.

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Pinellas County Commissioners to hold conversation with citizens this week

Today on Radioactivity we talk with Pinellas County Commissioner Chair Charlie Justice, about a community conversation meeting that will take place tomorrow at the St.Petersburg College in Seminole. Citizens will be able to engage with their local government and bring up questions and concerns about topics such as transportation, housing, and social services. a 'meet your commissioner' open house will precede the meeting at 5:30 with the conversation starting at The meeting will also be...

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